Project with Kaulquappe GmbH, Zurich 2012

Digital Planning of substructure: Kaulquappe GmbH Zurich

With the help of a waffle script using the visual programming tool “Grasshopper” in Rhino, we designed and developed a sub construction for the Volkswagen trade fair pavilion in Paris 2012. The system was designed as modular system. Each module was composed of horizontal and vertical ribs connected through push fit connections. In total 220 modules have been generated. Using Grasshopper and the “Kaulquappe components”, the process has been automated. That way we were able to work very efficiently and accurately on the engineering data for fabrication.

Messe Paris 2

Messe Paris 2All modules were prefabricated at Metsä Wood Merk and later assembled on site in Paris by Ambrosius.