Design project with Agata Kycia and Monika Szawiola, IaaC 2007 
Parametric design and fabrication tools become more and more relevant when it comes to customized objects in fashion design as each body has a different size and each person a personal preference of style.
Monika, Agata and me designed a hat for each person in class using the same digital parametric model.  Our 3D model is based on several parameters that describe the physical form of the head (circumference, height, distance in between shoulders) and others that relate to the character of the person (shyness vs. craziness). In detail, three depending ellipses are arranged around one axis. These can be changed in angle, diameters and distance. The resulting loft in between these ellipses is populated with structure providing origami components. All components can be fabricated using a regular Laser Cutter out of varying materials such as paper or thin plastic sheets of different colours.   
All together, the Parametric Hat was a great success and exhibited at the “Eigenheim Gallery” in Weimar, Germany.

Parametric Hat 4

Parametric Hat 5
Parametric Hat 6
Parametric Hat 7