Project with Miralles Tagliabue Arquitectos, Barcelona 2009
Architect: Benedetta Tagliabue Miralles Tagliabue EMBT
Project Director: Karl Unglaub, Salvador Gilibert
Collaborators: Eugenio Cirulli, Mattia Cappellitti, Verena Vogler, Iker Alzola, Gabriele Rotelli, Stefano Moscatelli, Davis Gertners, Eloi Melendez, Emmanuel Biland
Project: 2008- recent
The Gandia School of Music is a meeting place designed for musicians of the Spanish town of Gandia. Several music bands vitalize the town’s music culture. Gandia’s music culture required a new building, which corresponds to the needs of the citizen such as a music school, conservatory and auditorium joint in one creative ensemble.

The geometry of the building was inspired by the unique site, located between the old town and surrounding mountains. The ground level as integrated public space gives the possibility to gather, share and enjoy music. An open-air auditorium and garden are accessible for everyone.
The first floor contains classrooms of different sizes for individual and orchestral music lessons. Roof lights light up the spaces and shape the roof scape of the building.

The auditorium as part of the building complex has the capability to hold 700 visitors.
Local construction materials such as the “azulejo”, a traditional tile from the region of Valencia and the material of orchestral instruments such as metal and wood inspired the design of the façade.
 Gandia 4

Gandia 6

Gandia 7