Restaurant Marco Polo Terrassen

with Miralles Tagliabue Arquitectos EMBT Barcelona, 2010/2011

Client: Hafencity Hamburg GmbH
Architect: Benedetta Tagliabue
Project Director: Karl Unglaub
Collaborators: Stefan Geenen, Verena Vogler, Max Gunst, Gabriele Rotelli
Inauguration: February 2012

Restaurant Marco Polo Terrassen_EMBT

HafenCity Hamburg is a project of city-planning where the old port warehouses of Hamburg are being replaced with offices, hotels, shops, official buildings, and residential areas. The project is currently  the largest rebuilding project in Europe in scope of landmass (approximately 2,2 km²). When the HafenCity Hamburg GmbH invited for a competition they aimed not only to develop the port area but to regenerate and urbanize the shoreline of the Elbe River in Hamburg.

The restaurant at the Marco Polo Terraces is going to be one of the exquisite dining addresses at HafenCity district. The building is perfectly imbedded in the surrounded landscape design (EMBT). Flying seagulls inspired the shape of the roof.

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