8th Biorock Reef Restoration Workshop, 2012 Indonesia

Coral reefs are declining across the planet due to climate change, pollution and locally due to anthropogenic damage like dynamite fishing.
The Global Coral Reef AllianceGili Eco Trust together with local diving centers have organized and sponsored the 8th Biorock Training Workshop that took place at the Gili Trawangan Island in Indonesia during November 12th – 18th, with the goal of helping to restore some of the damaged coral reefs.
What is Biorock? Biorock© is known as a Mineral Accretion Technology that was developed by Architect, Marine Scientist, Prof. Wolf H. Hilbertz and  Biogeochemist and Marine Biologist Thomas J. Goreau. Commencing in 1974 they developed this technology through extensive experimental applications and demonstration projects, covering artificial reefs, coastal defense structures, shoreline stabilization – erosion control, mariculture, and marine construction.

During the Workshop we gained theoretical knowledge through lectures held by Thomas J. Goreau and practical hands- on skills on site: We were trained to build and weld metal structures out of rebar, to prepare and connect the anode mesh and became aware of the facts on site.
All structures have been shipped to a specific site and were put into place by divers. When the cables were connected, the structures were ready to function as cathode releasing H2 and growing a layer of calcium carbonate.
During various dive sessions, we volunteered as coral reef gardeners where we collected broken coral pieces and attached them later to the artificial reef structures under water. There they are going to function as habitat for marine life and attraction for divers.
I would like to thank the group of participants, Foud, Koman, Delfine and Thomas for this unique experience and the insight to a new medium to construct.

Global Coral Reef Alliance, BIOROCK ©, Eco Gili TrustKarang Lestari Project @Permuteran Bali