Seascape Prototype #1-33

One year ago, November 15th 2012 we launched Seascape Prototype #1 at Gili T. in Indonesia.

In the meanwhile the calcium-carbonate layer that surrounds the metal pieces has grown thicker. The synthesis between mineral accretion fabrication and the digitally developed skeleton becomes more evident as time passes.


My latest project in collaboration with the Global Coral Reef Alliance and Eco Gili Trust is part of a hopefully continuing research about Artificial Reefs and Computer- based Ecological Manufacturing in Architecture.

Some of the main challenges our civilization is facing are related to environmental depletion and the restoration of damaged habitats. Especially coral reefs currently experience a mayor crisis. “Seascape Prototype #1″ is an experiment: A digitally designed and fabricated metal structure mimics the geometry of natural coral reefs with the increased ability to dissipate the energy of large ocean swells. Through mineral accretion fabrication natural rock formations grow around the synthetic structures with the ability to repair and sustain themselves. As such, they form a natural growing support layer around the proposed synthetic structure. Both, natural rocks and the proposed digital metal structure form an artificial coral reef, contributing to restore depleted habitats within an integrated computer and nature- based design approach.

Please watch in HD :).